Self Portrait Project

Do_Michelle_SelfPortraitIn this project we had to take pictures in our normal everyday lives. The pictures could be be a candid portrait or environmental portrait with our normal every day settings or normal interactions with other people. We needed just a plain view of things from our own point of view with ourselves in it. Along with that, we had to use things we learned from past projects and make it into a fun filled 6×9 picture.

In my pictures, I chose I felt took a big part of my life. Which was taking pictures for my church, for own artistic enjoyment, my everyday routine of waiting for my friends to walk to class, my flowery personality as I teach my students how to have fun and lead at the same time, as well as pictures of myself that I’m proud of having. For the sunset camera picture, I cropped parts of it out and let it fade in because the picture was too large to fit the canvas and I didn’t want to leave any important things out. And to sum up all the other pictures I used principles from filters, action sequence, and all the other projects we’ve done.

To blend:

To do a Color Splash:


CD Design Project

In this project, we use the template that was given to us for our front, CD, and back cover to put pictures that we want in. We use the text tool to put the name of our album along with pretty much anything we want to add and kinda play around with it. We could use text fonts from dafont and download them in or even the given fonts on Photoshop and play with things like the depth, color, and bold-ness of the outlines.

For this project I was going to play out an inside joke showing our plans through our relationship and I spent countless days working on that image to find out that that isn’t what I really wanted and allowed. I took pictures this weekend and I found out that I really liked this picture and wanted to use these ones. I used overlays on the images to overlay images onto one picture and went for a dark type of setting and going down to the more sunset to the night. Starting again from scratch the day the assignment was due, I worked very diligently to get things done as effectively and as best as I could. In the end it worked out really well.

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