CD Design Project

In this project, we use the template that was given to us for our front, CD, and back cover to put pictures that we want in. We use the text tool to put the name of our album along with pretty much anything we want to add and kinda play around with it. We could use text fonts from dafont and download them in or even the given fonts on Photoshop and play with things like the depth, color, and bold-ness of the outlines.

For this project I was going to play out an inside joke showing our plans through our relationship and I spent countless days working on that image to find out that that isn’t what I really wanted and allowed. I took pictures this weekend and I found out that I really liked this picture and wanted to use these ones. I used overlays on the images to overlay images onto one picture and went for a dark type of setting and going down to the more sunset to the night. Starting again from scratch the day the assignment was due, I worked very diligently to get things done as effectively and as best as I could. In the end it worked out really well.

For layer styles for the picture click here

For photoshop effects click here 


2 thoughts on “CD Design Project

  1. Wow! Those pictures are beautiful! They’re so clear and serene. My favorite is the cd. One thing to improve would be to make the text font stand out a little more on the first picture because it kind of blends into the background.


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