In this project, we would have set our camera settings to Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.51.36 PM

and follow along the subject as it passes us. With all of that being done, we have to see which pictures are the best and select them as we figure out which one is the best.

For my pictures, I chose ones we took during our ‘field trip’ and got as many pictures as I could and chose the ones that I thought were best that popped out to me. For the non car ones, I used things that IDo_Michelle_ContactSheetOther could just find. It was hard looking for the right pictures to do it for but in the end I got a couple that looked decent.


How to take panning pictures click: here

To edit pictures to look like they’re panned click here


Double Exposure

Do_Michelle_Double Exposure


In this project we had to take multiple profile pictures of people so you can see their features like their eyes, nose, mouth, etc. After this we would have to take landscape pictures and merge them into one making a double exposure. A double exposure is the repeated exposure of a photographic plate or film to light, often producing ghost images. I took pictures if images I thought were really pretty not a specific reason just because of that. In my picture I really felt like an explanation like that would work really well.

In my picture, I have Kevin with his sunglasses and the background looking at the sunset and scenery so we can see a whole image as Kevin is looking at the scenery we see both him and the background through his eyes.


How to make double exposures:

How To Create a Double Exposure Effect in Photoshop

Portrait Project

This project’s purpose is to show portrait of someone, showing who they are as a person through one picture. Although these are posed, these are the things that Kevin did do on a regular basis. The expressive portrait showed things such as laughter, a daily habit of using his phone all the time to not only catch up on news but also listening to music that he enjoys, lastly, he also loves taking pictures and through the view of the camera, he is able to see things that look wonderful and capture the moment.

I chose these scenes because well he wanted to take them there but also because the nature aspect of it was just soothing. To edit it, I just took out some lose strands of hair here and there. Along with that, I blended parts of his skin that were uneven because of the sun and showed the contrast.

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