Photo Essay

Photo Essays can be on pretty much any subject matter and utilize almost any photographic style. The key elements to a good photo-essay are a unified set of images on one topic, portraying the photographer’s point of view of the subject. In this project I used the topic of shoes. I thought this idea was genius until, well, until I found out that about two other people came to me and asked me if they could take a picture of my shoes too.

I chose shoes because I thought that shoes were unique but at the same basic enough to be interesting enough to do. As I took more and more pictures I realized how different it was for each person. In the four pictures it was clearly very different showing how each shoe is posed, if socks were long, short, gone, or covered by pants. I saw the change as some were worn down, some brand new, some were carefully maintained. I felt like this added on to each person’s identity; almost everyone I took pictures of had different shoes all wearing them in different ways to add on to his or her own style.

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