In this project we made a frame using a specific brush and then we lightened the image to make the picture slightly hazy.

I chose this image because it was of my brother from his graduation that just passed. Along with that, it added on to all the requirements needed to edit this picture so it would work out in the end

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Face Shatter


In this project we had to grid out the subject’s face and take out chunks of it and move them and add on to the blending modes to give the picture dimension. After that we would duplicate the layer and move them all around so that the picture could be more dispersed.

I chose this picture of my cousin because it was the only one I could find at the moment and it wasn’t that bad because I took the picture  the day before so it worked out in the end.

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Pop Art


Pop art has to be one of the ones that I took way too long on. The directions that were given were so different and very un self explanatory that it was hard to follow. I ended up improvising on things that wouldnt work no matter how hard i tried to follow along.

In the end I ended up selecting colors that were the same and played with the colors so that some parts where darker had darker color and the lighter shadows had a lighter color.

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Lens Flare


In this project we were able to use pictures that had the sun in them and were able to create this effect on our picture to make it look like there was a glare in the camera’s view.

I chose this picture because it was the only one i could find really. To do this i used many different blending options and filters to make it look nice and it didnt turn out all too shabby.

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Polaroid Collage


To do this, we opened our picture that we wanted and made a polaroid frame starting at one single face. From there on, we duplicated that frame and dragged each frame we wanted from that single spot to any other faces that we could see as well as control+t-ing and rotating the frame ever so slightly to make it look like it was overlay-ed with many different polaroids.

I started off with the middle person because i thought it was funny how his face was like that and I didnt want to lose an opportunity that great to start off. As i progressed on to working with all the pictures I found that it was easiest to name all the layers to logical frames so if I wanted to change a certain one, I’d be able to select that specific one to move so it would look nicer.

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Polaroid Frame


For this project we were supposed to choose a picture we wanted to add a Polaroid border to to make it look real. To do this, we opened up a new document and followed the blending options that they gave. I highered the opacity for all of them because it didn’t show up on my frame if I didn’t but other than that i followed all the rules that were given to me.

The picture turned out very well and I am very happy with the results. Hopefully i am able to bring this knowledge for future references if I wanted to print out more polaroids.

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Still Life Project


In this project we were supposed to chose an object that we want to take a picture of, something that was very simple but complex at the same time. With the use of flash on our phones we are able to create shadows that can change the look of our object. For my case I chose a bracelet I twisted into a unique shape that would make it look different.

I thought all the pictured with a front light looked best because it gave more attention to the front which was the main point of the whole thing. The shadow created a huge contrast that made my picture slightly different from the background since they were the same color.

Click here for more pictures a examples of how to take the best pictures.

Photo Essay

Photo Essays can be on pretty much any subject matter and utilize almost any photographic style. The key elements to a good photo-essay are a unified set of images on one topic, portraying the photographer’s point of view of the subject. In this project I used the topic of shoes. I thought this idea was genius until, well, until I found out that about two other people came to me and asked me if they could take a picture of my shoes too.

I chose shoes because I thought that shoes were unique but at the same basic enough to be interesting enough to do. As I took more and more pictures I realized how different it was for each person. In the four pictures it was clearly very different showing how each shoe is posed, if socks were long, short, gone, or covered by pants. I saw the change as some were worn down, some brand new, some were carefully maintained. I felt like this added on to each person’s identity; almost everyone I took pictures of had different shoes all wearing them in different ways to add on to his or her own style.

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In this project, we would have set our camera settings to Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.51.36 PM

and follow along the subject as it passes us. With all of that being done, we have to see which pictures are the best and select them as we figure out which one is the best.

For my pictures, I chose ones we took during our ‘field trip’ and got as many pictures as I could and chose the ones that I thought were best that popped out to me. For the non car ones, I used things that IDo_Michelle_ContactSheetOther could just find. It was hard looking for the right pictures to do it for but in the end I got a couple that looked decent.


How to take panning pictures click: here

To edit pictures to look like they’re panned click here

Double Exposure

Do_Michelle_Double Exposure


In this project we had to take multiple profile pictures of people so you can see their features like their eyes, nose, mouth, etc. After this we would have to take landscape pictures and merge them into one making a double exposure. A double exposure is the repeated exposure of a photographic plate or film to light, often producing ghost images. I took pictures if images I thought were really pretty not a specific reason just because of that. In my picture I really felt like an explanation like that would work really well.

In my picture, I have Kevin with his sunglasses and the background looking at the sunset and scenery so we can see a whole image as Kevin is looking at the scenery we see both him and the background through his eyes.


How to make double exposures:

How To Create a Double Exposure Effect in Photoshop